About Us

BDMOTORCYCLIST is the largest and only international motor-bikers community from Bangladesh. BDM (shortly known as BDM) prevents and mitigate human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of motorcyclist, motorcyclist volunteers, volunteers and the generosity of donors.

We, the "BDMOTORCYCLIST" a CSO organization (Civil Society Organization) work for under privileged
people and utilize the immense youth potential and energy present in Bangladesh to work for our country and help poverty and cold-stricken community by various activities. We also work for our Tourism sector to enlarge the view of our Beautiful Bangladesh.

Currently BDMOTORCYCLIST is running with a member of 6 people know as the BDM Management Committee. Founder and General Secretary Mr. Riaz Uddin Ahmed, Media and Public Relation Mr. Rashed Nizam Biplu, Technical Supervisor Mr. Ibrahim Khalil Rana, Health and Safety Supervisor Mr. Nayeem Hayder, Finance & Administration Mr. Hasan Muhammad and Coordination Mr. Foysal Ariyan. We also have a team of 15 members known by BDM EAGLE Team. They are working with the Management Committee for successful operation of BDMOTORCYCLIST. Along with all these people Mr. Abidur Rahman also working with BDM as Chief Technical Advisor

We are now a proud family of 162K+ members in Bangladesh motorbiking community. Our connections are growing fast.